The big green challenge is an initiative to get the British population to eat more vegetables.  We invite everybody to take part in the challenge by eating a vegetarian diet for one week.    This allows you to discover a  lot of new tasty vegetarian alternatives and will hopefully give you a new appreciation for vegetables.  We know that most of you will choose to go back to a more diverse diet after the week is over. Only a few will choose to keep a vegetarian diet. But we hope that every one will end up eating more vegetables after completing the challenge

We provide the recipes!

We provide you with a diet plan for the week.  The diet plan contains vegetarian recipients designed to be healthy, taste good and allow you to try vegetables dishes you might not have tried before.  The diet plan is provided to make it as easy as possible to complete the BIG GREEN CHALLENGE.  You are free to use other recipes will doing the challenge if you prefer.

Why to eat green

There are many reasons to eat green. A couple of the most important benefits from eating green are.


Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and a lot of fiber. All thing that you body needs to stay healthy.  Vegetables are also low in calories and makes it easier to keep your weight down.  Eating a lot of vegetables will help improve your immune system and reduce the risk for a long row of different diseases including cancer and hearth problems.


Vegetables are a lot more environmentally friendly then meat products.  At least as long as you eat locally grow greens.   It takes about 10 lb of greens to make 1 lb of meat.  Meat production is also associated with a higher carbon footprint and requires larger land areas than those that would be needed if we ate a vegetarian diet instead.  Eating less meat and more vegetables will help reduce your carbon footprint and will help protect the environment.

Join the challenge

We welcome you, your friend and your company to join the challenge. It can be a lot easier to complete the challenge if you take it with a few friends or with your colleagues at work.  This makes it harder to make excuses and make it easier to do lunch together etc.  A lot of different groups of companies have already done so.  We invite you to do the same. Examples of groups and companies that have already completed the challenge includes Axana London,  Rorys repair Glasgow,  Ventana,  Big media big solutions, Berkshire investor club,  Darbyshire propectors associaction,  the team,  Healthy living bristol and many others.

Contact us on this page to inform us that you have accepted the challenge and want to be listed on the website. You can take the challenge as an individual, a company or a group of friends.